Abandon T-Shirts

First off, I want to say that this isn’t a typical review that everyone is so accustomed to here at Ronatron, but it’s not everyday a company impresses me to the extent where I feature them in a full article. Sure there’s Coca-Cola, and how can I forget about their rival Pepsi. But there’s one key thing about both those companies. I don’t really care if they succeed or not. These beverages may taste great, but they don’t last and usually make me a little parched. It goes without saying that they are both successful companies that are riding the wave of everybody’s sweet tooth.

Now on to a company I truly believe in, a company that stands out above the rest that should appeal to any music lover, after all our publication is about the Vancouver music scene. The company is called “aBANDon T-Shirts.” This idea came from the brilliant mind of Colin Moore, an inspirational artist from Vancouver. He’s been in the local art scene, as well as the music scene, for quite some time now. If you’ve ever walked around downtown and looked at all those amazing gig posters taped up on poles, it’s probably one of his. He’s done art work for Dan Mangan, Art of Dying, and Said The Whale to name a few, and is currently the mastermind behind most of the wonderful art work done on The Biltmore posters.

Now what is “aBANDon T-Shirts” you ask? Well it’s actually quite ingenious and I’m jealous that I didn’t come up with it first. Essentially, Colin takes lyrics from local Vancouver indie bands and uses those words as inspiration for a graphic design that he prints onto a t-shirt. The lyrics are then printed inside the shirt where you would normally have the size tag. Considering I have no idea how to work with photoshop, I really doubt any of my t-shirts would have turned out half as good as his.

The essence behind this company is to print limited edition shirts, so you don’t get a barrage of people wearing the same thing. Not only do you get this wonderful piece of clothing, you also get a limited edition EP from the select band. It’s another great way to promote the local indie scene, and I fully endorse this great idea. The first band being featured is none other than Said The Whale. Subscribe now and I guarantee you’ll be sporting the best t-shirts in town! (or wherever you’re from…)

Check out Abandon T-Shirts website, as well as Colin Moore’s website for his latest art pieces.