Accost at The Biltmore

Photos by Alex Ramon

Inspiration is hard to come by, especially when the weather is incredibly dull, or in my case, when the sun is shining through my window begging me to go outside. Summer is upon us and the only thing better then the beach is the patio, but it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. This is also the prime time for allergies, and those blossoming flowers release that dreaded pollen, which in turn drags us down with uncontrollable sneezes and pink eye. And just like this summer season, the Accost show saw its ups and downs. Oh no, is Ronatron going to write a bad review? No. I’m not. The “down” I’m talking about was Lillix, the headliner of the night, and the “up” of course was the wonderful band known as Accost, and special mention goes out to robot rockers Sex With Strangers. The night started off great with Accost blowing the audience away with their solid tunes, but unfortunately the 90’s pop-stars known as Lillix made me get up and grab a few more brews than I should have. No offence to them whatsoever, because I enjoyed their music (when I was 10…) but the music scene has changed and it was sad to see them play their “old” favourites. But alas, I’m not here to critic Lillix, so I think I’ll move on to the band at hand, Accost.

AccostComprised of Chantelle (vocals), Blair (programming, keyboards), Uway (bass), and Vik (drums) this foursome known as Accost brings something different to the Vancouver music scene. To be honest, I’m not accustomed to their sound and they’re not the usual indie-pop rock or folk artists that I usually cover. This isn’t a bad thing of course, and I’m not opposed to listening to their music, and in fact, they may have swayed my musical taste a little.

Accost is more of a dark and mysterious band, and you have to look deeply and listen intensely to find the core behind each tune. They provide instrumentals that draw you in, with each note and every beat placed perfectly to create the most powerful outcome. But drawing away from the raw energy of the music, was the serene and powerful voice of Chantelle. I couldn’t help but get mesmerized by her passionate and emotive vocal performance, as well as the way she presented herself up on that stage. It was like she was one with the music, more like an extension of her body, and when she closed her eyes, I could only imagine what she was thinking.

This isn’t to draw anything away from the rest of the band, because each member was special and captivating in their own way. Uway was probably one of the most energetic bass players I have ever seen, swaying back and forth to the beat all the while maintaining his composure. Vik presented the backbone of their set, with each drum beat composed to draw the most passion out of each song. Blair, in my opinion, was the essence behind each Accost track because he was the one who defined and classified the electronica aspect. With the keyboard and laptop on hand, he created an ambient atmosphere for the packed crowd on the dance floor, and I’m sure each and everyone standing and sitting was relaxed and high off life.

For more information on Accost, check out their myspace for more details. And on a side note, this lovely band will be showcased at our sister publication’s one year anniversary party known as The String Magazine Spotlight on June 26th at The Met, so go for the music and stay for the fashion!