Cheers to Yuca

There are some bands out there that you know will make it big, and in my opinion, Yuca is one of those bands. I had the pleasure of watching them perform on more than one occasion, and every time, I get the feeling that they won’t be staying a local act for much longer.

Formed in 2003, Yuca is composed of Matt Borck on Lead Vocals & Guitar, James Pendleton on Lead Guitar, Jeremy Friesen on Bass, and Mike Newman on Drums. This dynamic quartet is a nice break from the norm of ordinary rock as they try to set themselves apart from the rest of over-commercialized world of rock. With all this in mind, they set out to record their first independent record at Turtle Recording Studios with John Maclean, who produced the three tracks that got Yuca into the seeds competition, and engineer Larry Anschell, who has worked with artists such as Sarah McLachlan, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Bryan Adams and Nickleback. Yuca’s intensity to work hard and maintain a strong fan base has led to tremendous success. In 2006, the band got a huge break by becoming one of the CFOX SEEDS bands. With the promotional help of this local rock radio station, Yuca is spreading their music to people all around the lower mainland, as well as to big industry heavy weights.

I had the great opportunity to go with a buddy of mine to Cheers Nightclub in Surrey, BC for a contest he was entered in called “Win the Twins,” sponsored by Harley Davidson and CFOX. The whole premise of this contest was that a lucky person in the bar that night would walk away with two, yes I said two, Harley Davidson sport bikes. Sadly my buddy did not win, but as a consolation, we got two, yes I said two, free beers and a great show put on by Yuca. Their energy on stage blew me away. The way they performed really showed how much passion they had for their music. As I was listening to their set, I couldn’t help but realize that their sound was not suited for the clubs, but rather, I envisioned them playing in a stadium. For one of their songs, they covered the Beastie Boy’s song “Sabotage,” and what a cover that was. Everyone in the bar was ecstatic and couldn’t stop cheering at the end. This band won’t be a local indie act for much longer, so any opportunity to go watch their live shows is a must.

For more information about tour dates and music, please feel free to visit their myspace website (YUCAMUSIC) as well as their real website (YUCA). This is a band you do not want to miss.