David Ward Loose Change Trio at The Backstage Lounge

Many talented artists stay strong to their essence and can use their various skills to entertain and to perform. David Ward and his Loose Change Trio are perfect examples of how musicians are not just there to play music, but to entertain as well.

Formed in 2005, this three-piece band has delighted audiences from local cafes to summer festivals. David Ward, the lead vocalist, guitarist, and all-around great man (Sorry I had to slip that in; He was really nice when I met him), is a pleasure to watch on stage. He is influenced by such artists as Jeff Buckley, Ray Charles, and the Barenaked Ladies, to name a few, which can attribute to his wide musical range. But not only is he a talented musician, his Bachelor’s of Fine Arts background shines through on stage and shows he is a natural performer when he plays with the crowd.

The Loose Change comprise of two equally talented individuals in Greg Bevis and Jason Smith. Greg, the percussion expert, attended the L.A. Music Academy in Pasadena for a year to perfect his skills as a jazz drummer, while Jason, the very talented bass player, was part of the hip-hop/funk fusion band called “Chinchilla.”

David Ward My first impression of the band was of awe. This was hours before their set when I first arrived at the Backstage Lounge and I had only heard their music online, and I was introduced to David and Greg. I am not a tall man, far from it, but I would also say that I am not that short. Standing next to these two find gentlemen made me look extremely small. But that’s neither here nor there, so on to the music!

The night began with an impressive vocal performance from David covering a tune from Nina Simone, also known as the High Priestess of Soul. I was really impressed by the range of his voice as well as the emotion he radiated when he sang each one of his songs. The Loose Change Trio combines into a form of jazz/funk/folk music that is not only pleasant to the ears, but also to the eyes. The stage presence of the band is filled with humor and energy, which was shown through the intermission of their set. During this little break, Greg put on some house music while David was rolling around an imaginary ball that rave junkies would know all about. This magical ball was passed from person to person, but this did not last as it was dropped fairly early and the house music stopped. Aside from this interlude and a drunken fan that I will not speak of, the night was an all around success filled with in David’s words, “myspace friends.”

For more information regarding the David Ward Loose Change Trio, including bios, music samples, and concert details, feel free to check out their myspace (DAVIDWARDTRIO) as well as their official website (DAVIDWARDMUSIC).