Death Cab For Cutie at Pacific Coliseum July 16

Photo ripped from Myspace.

Remember that good old TV show called The O.C. (Yeah, I’m a sucker for pop culture)? It was my generations 90210, but then it got cancelled a new 90210 emerged, the real one that is (not that it’s any good). But the reason I’m bringing this up is because one good thing did emerge out of that. A little known band (at the time) called Death Cab For Cutie was being popularized by the skinny dorky kid known as Seth Cohen. And as a result of that, the musical career for DCFC has skyrocketed and they became household names. Of course their music had to a huge part to play in that, but the fact that a popular TV show kick started their career is something to admire.

They’ll be coming to beautiful sunny Vancouver, BC on July 16th playing to a massive crowd at Pacific Coliseum. Make sure you get your tickets, because you’ll be in for a treat!