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One of the most essential e-commerce components is shipping. This is because e-commerce is all about internet transactions where clients get their products through shipping. With the high competition that’s in the e-commerce market, traders are faced with the need to apply excellent shipping strategies that help them to keep up with the competition. In this article, we will be looking at several things there is to know about e-commerce shipping.

  • Free Shipping

One of the factors that really capture customer’s attention while shopping online is a product site that offers free shipping. Reason being, they wouldn’t like to spend more on shipping costs when they have already parted with a good number of bucks to purchase the product. Well, if you would like to factor in this shipping strategy in your company, you got to determine first how it affects your profit margin. This is because offering free shipping can increase your sales margin but hurt the profit margin if the shipping expenditure is high. However, there is a remedy for this. As a company, you could offer free shipping to consumers who make purchases that are beyond a particular amount or on some exceptional products.

  • Carrier Live Shipping Rates

Though not a major marketing tool, using the live shipping rates strategy enables the customer to know their dues for shipping from the word go. This option is typically based on the weight, quantity, and quality of the item and the size of the product. These rates are generally given to the consumer through the carrier shipping company which may include DHL, FEDEX, or UPS. From here, the customer can choose their preferred shipping option, which is also influenced by the factors mentioned above.

  • Precise Order Fulfillment and Return Policy

If you yearn to get the attention of customers viewing your product site, you should ensure that your shipment policies are at the center of your website. By this, I mean that the shipment and return policies should be clearly highlighted on your product site. This is because it’s among the first things that customers look at the moment they visit your page. For instance, if you have some attractive shipping offers, it should be the first thing the customer sees the moment they click on your page. Also on this, you should note that flexibility is critical regardless of the shipping strategy that you have in place.

  • Table Rate Shipping

This is a shipping option that gives room for companies to offer their customers tailored shipping options. These options are usually dictated by factors such as weight, distance, and quantity as well. For instance, the company may charge the customer in regards to a specified radius whereby extra charges occur to deliveries that go beyond the set radius. Also on this, the shipping charges tend to differ in respect to the number of items the customer is purchasing.


Other than offering favorable shipping options, the customer will also need an assurance that their shipment gets to their doorstep safely and in good time. With incorporating some shipping tools such as the postal services, the customers can be sure of accurate shipping.

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