Elaine Ryan the Singer-Songwriter

You probably haven’t heard or seen of this Elaine Ryan. Well neither did I until she contacted me and I took a listen to her music on myspace. Isn’t that the beauty of the internet? You can get in contact with pretty much anyone around the world, be it close friends or complete strangers. Now on to this Elaine character.

Born in Waterford, Ireland, Elaine immigrated over to Vancouver at the age of 5, where her musical journey, or sometimes lack thereof, began. She was a choir girl and a backup singer for various children’s music, but Elaine never really took all of this too seriously. Instead, like any good typical Canadian kid, she went to school. She got that coveted BA in International Relations, and sought to have an impact on the social conflicts around the world. She even had offers to go to law school, but a volunteer trip to Central America changed her world entirely. All throughout life, she had resisted the temptation known as music, and sought the conventional path of school and work. But this trip made her realize that she had to stay true to herself. As a result, Elaine picked up that guitar, which was lying on the ground since she was 17, and began to write songs. In just over year, she has accomplished what other artists take years to do. She has composed more than an album’s worth of music that can’t wait to be recorded and showcased, and she is set to take on the Vancouver music scene.

I took a listen to her songs she posted on myspace, and I was astonished by the lyrical content and her strong, but graceful, voice. With the first track, “Monday Morning,” Elaine brings to light the idea of true love. With lyrics like “when loving someone is like setting them free,” you can’t help but look inward and reflect on personal relationships. “Sisters” is by far my favorite track. If there was a female version of James Blunt, then I think Elaine might fight into that category. Elaine’s soulful voice shines through in this song, where she preaches that “all over the world, you’ve got sisters looking out for you.” In “Savior,” Elaine brings in some technology to help her out, besides her usual guitar. With a drum machine in the background and a keyboard on the side, Elaine sings with passion, reminiscent of Chantal Kreviazuk. In “Cry in My Arms,” the tenderness of her voice shines through the thickness of the lyrics. Elaine casts a nice shadow on the solitude that many people feel. Her lyrics can appeal to almost anyone, and that, along with her soulful voice, is why I have decided to write such a long article based on four songs.

For more information regarding Elaine Ryan including concert details and song sampling, please feel free to visit her on her myspace (ELAINE). If she continues to write such beautiful songs, you might even be able to catch her next year at the folk festival.