Halloween at The Penthouse

Photos by Chris Morrison

Halloween isn’t just about dressing up and trick or treating and strip clubs aren’t always full of strippers, I mean dancers. In fact Halloween night can be a great night to go see a show, especially if the best band in Canada is present.

And luckily enough for me and a hundred or so other ghouls and goblins; Friday night Crystal Pistol was playing The Penthouse.

Yes I said The Penthouse.

The pictures I’ve taken will tell you a little bit of what you can expect when you see Crystal Pistol perform, however you have to see them live to really get the experience.

They have been playing basically the same set of songs every time I see them and I can never get enough.

I was invited to see this show by a band called Kill Rhythm from Vancouver. I’ll just say my ears will never work quite as well as they did before Halloween. Thanks guys!

They were joined by Stand Down, Stealing Eden and Prox all of whom could have headlined this show and shred the shit out of the place.

Definitely the best dressed band of the night was Stand Down, especially Chris Payne with his portrayal of Heath Ledger’s Joker character.

A show on Halloween is definitely something bands need to put together every year. Instead of people littering Granville Street or doing the club crawls, they can come out, dress up and support the great bands this city produces.

Kudos goes out to Kill Rhythm, the Penthouse and the other bands for putting this show together.