How to Ship

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If you want to ship a product and have it reach to its destination in its rightful condition, there are many steps you will be required to follow. Some of these factors include;

  • Packaging

Packaging varies from one item to another and is dictated by the product quality, size, or quality. On that note, you should note that every shipping process begins with finding the right packaging for a product you are shipping. Basically, a perfect box for your product would be one that can be closed flat when the package is in as well as providing sufficient padding on the inside. Also, note that boxes that can fit into the processing equipment cost less than those that can’t. Another crucial factor to consider while packing is to never include strings or cords on the package because they may get stuck on the processing machine. Moreover, ensure that you seal the box with the packing tape on all side to ensure that the box has adequate reinforcement for safe delivery to the destination.

  • Choosing a Shipping Service

The shipping method you use is majorly dependent on how soon the shipment has to arrive at its destination. With the United States Postal Service, you can access several shipping options, including quick or less costly deliveries. If you would like to spend way less on the shipping, you opt for the standard shipping option from the USPS which is quite a pocket-friendly option. However, you should note that this option can only be favorable if you have a lengthy shipping period may be from 2 to 8 days at your disposal. If you don’t have the luxury of a long shipping timeline, you can use the express mail option that ensures that the shipment is delivered within the shortest period possible. Nevertheless, this option comes with a remarkable cost. In this case, the delivery takes between one to two days to arrive at its destination.

  • Shipment Address

The shipment addresses need to be printed clearly on the box to ensure that there are zero instances of wrong shipments. The ZIP Codes and return address should also be included on the package address. Note that the recipient’s ZIP code should be part of the address as well. The format that’s used is ordinarily the same as that of the envelope whereby the address of the sender and the recipient is placed on the same side of the package. Moreover, you may choose to print the address or hand write it. In an instance where you prefer to have it handwritten, you should ensure that you use a permanent marker to ensure that the address doesn’t get rubbed off during transportation.

  • Measuring the Package

Before shipping your package, you have to capture its measurements correctly, which is its weight and size. To begin with, this ensures that you make the right payments for your package. Secondly, during the measurements process, the officers in charge ensure that the box is sealed correctly to avoid damage. Note that the total cost for the shipment will not only be determined by the package’s weight and size but the shipping option you choose as well.

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