In Davey’s Grip CD Review

The bubbly pop throughout the airwaves seems like a far cry from the angst days of the 90’s. That isn’t to say that the music coming out of our generation is bad, but rather, we seem to have fallen into a rut, where formulas are reused to produce the same song in different bands. “In Davey’s Grip” provides that necessary break from the norm, and brings back the grunge, with a new and modern twist.

In 2004, Kim Urhahn, an accomplished industry rock drummer, formed what was the beginning of “In Davey’s Grip.” The following year, the group entered “The Hive Studios,” in Burnaby, B.C. and recorded their first demo. They sought local promoters to help spread the music, but soon after, lineup changes had to be made, as scheduling conflicts caused some major problems. As a result, Kim recruited bassist Gregory M. and drummer R. With the rhythm section ready to roll, there was one key component that needed to be filled. While playing a local show, the band caught the attention of Andrew West. Shortly after, Andrew joined the band and provided the necessary blues-influenced lead guitar. With the lineup set, “In Davey’s Grip” is set to rock the stage at any venue, gain loyal fans, and leave everyone thinking about the 90’s.

The EP starts off with the “Their Song,” an angst filled track with vocals reminiscent of Courtney Love. For me, this was a very one dimensional song, but with that said, there are some bright spots, especially when the harmony kicks in during the chorus. “The Sellout” begins with a very enjoyable clap intro, which I think anyone can take pleasure in. This song is a little more up tempo, with a very technical bass solo. “Crazy” is by far my favorite song on the CD. The song starts off similar to the other tracks, with deep and dark vocals on the verses, but when the chorus hits, the song takes on an epic sound. “Turn the Tables” mixes some new age alternative sound with “The Distillers“ like vocals. The instrumentals on this track could stand alone but with a little more tweaking on the vocals, this song could sound great. “Break the Silence In” ends the demo by creating a dark atmosphere, with lyrics like “crucify the silence, you leave me wasted pieces.” This is very thoughtful ending to an EP that can blast anyone back into the 90’s.

For more information regarding “In Davey’s Grip” please feel free to visit their myspace (DAVEY) as well as their website (GRIP).