Jason Mraz at GM Place

Photos by Dominic Cho

As I sat and waited for Jason Mraz to make his much anticipated appearance, I couldn’t help but notice the young, hippie like crowd mixed in with an older, wiser generation. Mraz’s music really pushes the age demographic, and that in itself is a true testament to how hard he’s worked to get to this point in his career. It’s not everyday you see a teenage girl sitting beside her father at a rock show, so it was a sight for sore eyes to see Jason Mraz bring so many people closer together. From playing small cafes to playing sold out stadiums, it’s only justified that this tour is called the “Gratitude Cafe Tour.”

But no matter where he plays, Jason Mraz still gives off that intimate vibe that you can only get in a coffee shop. His songs are catchy and laid back, which suits his personality just fine, and he works the crowd like a true professional.

Jason MrazWith a full horn section blowing to his intro, the teen girls screamed their little hearts out to this modern day beach boy. Fans from the dance floor all the way up to the bleachers were dancing their little feet off, while Mraz effortlessly serenaded them with his soft falsetto. Sporting some new facial hair, Mraz has certainly grown not only in appearance, but also as a musician. At one point during his set, he went into opera mode and blew the audience away with his vocal versatility. “Details In The Fabric” was by far my favourite song of the night, because he brought the energy down a notch and showcased his beautiful voice (which probably brought tears to the eyes of every little teenage girl in the audience… and when I say teenage girl, I mean me…).

But it wasn’t all about the music, because with a laid back personality like Mraz’s, there’s no doubt that this concert would be an interactive show. His between song banters were effortless and humorous, and Mraz’s easy-going persona shed onto the crowd, as everyone in attendance started giving high-fives to complete strangers. He even got the entire audience (including me…) to do some choreographed dance moves!

Mraz’s voice was crisp and clear, and provided a flawless vocal performance that was eerily perfect. He put on a finger picking clinic, and I think everyone in attendance would agree that he was a true performer. Everyone left with a smile on their faces and a little tired from all the dancing and screaming, which goes to show that he’s come a long way, and the sky’s the limit for this talented musician. Watch out world, Mraz is taking over.