Jody Glenham CD Release Party at The Biltmore

Photos by Alex Ramon

Vancouver is a very beautiful city, with semi-high rises overlooking the mountainous terrain. It’s no wonder talented musicians flock over to the west coast to grasp the inspiration that floats in the air. One thing I’ve noticed about the local music scene here is that it seems like every talented band somehow has a connection with another great local act. Take Jody Glenham for example. The first time I laid eyes (and ears) on her was at Laura Smith’s CD Release Party a while back, where she graced the stage and put on a laid back set that tickled my ear drums. Since then, she has taken hold of her creative prowess and fine tuned her live performance, forming a very impressive backup band of her own. She has put together a new CD rightly titled “Focus Pull,” where she grabs the attention of everyone that listens to her serene voice. With this new disc in hand, she put together a very fine evening of music, also known as her CD Release Party. At this joyous event, the tables were turned and Laura Smith in turn opened up for Jody. The camaraderie between local musicians is a sight for sore eyes, and it’s really uplifting to see artists support one another.

I would go into detail about how amazingly awesome Laura Smith’s set was (because she was amazingly awesome even with the technical difficulties, and you’ll be hearing more about her in our next edition of the Soundboard), but this night was all about the lovely Jody Glenham. I do, however, have to mention The Rising Price of Gas, a band comprised of Louise Burns, who covers hip-hop music and converts them into nice folk tracks. If you need a good laugh, just listen to her rendition of Lil’ Wayne’s “Lollipop” where she sings “Pussy in my mouth, got me lost for words.” But I digress, and back to Jody.

Laura SmithFor those of you who don’t know, she grew in the warm town of Winterpeg (also known as Winnipeg), moved to Edmonton where she started her musical career and somehow managed to plant herself in the best city in the world (also known as Vancouver). Her first album “Brave New World” was produced by the talented James Murdoch and Chris Wynters back in the spring of 2006, and her track “When I Grow Up” was a standout for CBC Radio as well as The Edmonton Journal. She honed her craft by playing some high profile events such as New Music West and The Western Canadian Music Awards. Finally, after 3 full years Jody Glenham has released her second album “Focus Pull,” which has garnered rave reviews from Exclaim! as well as other great publications.

Jody has no doubt matured as a performer. Like I said before, the last time I saw her play was at Laura Smith’s CD Release party, where she was a timid girl all alone on stage with just her keyboard and a mic. Things sure have changed for the soulful girl, and her CD release party was an indication of just that.

Before her set even started, Jody presented her new music video for “One Shot” on the projection screen right behind the drum kit on stage. This was a great (and sneaky…) move to get the crowd squished up close to the stage, and as soon as the video ended the crowd gave an ear shattering applause. Even though it was a Tuesday night, there was a great turn out with people even venturing all the way from the distant Victoria to make their way down to The Biltmore for this momentous occasion.

The Rising Price Of GasWith the audience on their feet, Jody finally graced the stage with band in hand and played a short but sweet set. She was very comfortable on stage, but later admitted that she always get nervous before her shows. As a way to cope, Jody bakes the night before and the result is a sugar high crowd full on cupcakes. But I’m guessing baking isn’t enough to occupy her time, because once she puts those delicious baked goodies in the oven, she has all this time to spare (that’s right kiddies, I know a thing or two about baking… sort of…) Jody most likely filled this gap by hand crafting all the ornaments on stage, which did not go unnoticed by me. I’m all about presentation, and judging by the colourful displays hanging from the ceiling, I had a feeling it was going to be a great performance.

Jody played some tracks off her new album and I was amazed at how intricate each song was. Not only did she perform these songs, but she also told a story with each tune she played. I especially enjoyed “Coffee Soaked,” which is about a little coffee shop she worked in back in Edmonton that unfortunately got shut down. She told the inspiration behind this song, mainly about how she met some wonderful and interesting people working as a barista. With this song, she put her heart on that stage and the emotion overflowed onto the receptive audience. She ended the night with “Buttons,” one of my favourite tracks off her new album. It was up-beat and danceable, and is a true indie pop song. Laura Smith and Louise Burns even did a little back-up singing, lending their talented voices, singing “Oh-Oh!”

For more information on Jody Glenham, visit her myspace, and if you want to purchase her new CD “Focus Pull,” visit her CDBaby account or just search her up on the iTunes store.