Kill Hannah Live at El Corazon

Photos by Chris Morrison

Well we’re back with another article, but this time it’s a special guest writer. Chris Morrison, a wonderful local photographer and writer, approached me and asked if he could help me out a bit. Well I was more than happy to oblige and here’s his first write-up for Ronatron! Hope you guys all enjoy it!

If you’ve never heard of a band called Kill Hannah, then you need to crawl out from under the fuckin’ rock you’ve been hiding under and Google them.

They are signed to Roadrunner Records and headlining the Hope for the Hopeless tour, along side The White Tie Affair, Innerpartysystem and The Medic Droid.

Kill HannahKill Hannah has released numerous studio albums, and their alternative/ electronica sound has been around since 1994. However it’s their recent single “Lips Like Morphine” from Until There’s Nothing Left of Us album that has garnered them recent mainstream success.

Success that has aloud them create the Hope for the Hopeless tour, which made a very special stop at the El Corazon club Friday night in Seattle.

It was at the El Corazon club a couple of years ago, where Kill Hannah was given hope under impracticable odds.

Having played the same six song twenty minute sets over and over and being days away from being dropped by their then label Atlantic Records. They managed to salvage their careers at the El Corazon in front of hundred’s of dedicated Seattle fans.

The atmosphere created by the quaint confines and fans stage diving was enough to catch the attention of a record executive there to sign another band.

The band cited this moment as the turning point in their career’s and serenaded the crowd Friday night, with a song appropriately titled “The Songs That Saved My Life.”

They played a few classics like “Kennedy” and “Boys and Girls” as well as my favourite’s “Believer” and “Love You to Death.”

Overall their energetic and emotional performance, coupled with the euphoria rippling through the cloud during each song made it a show worth seeing.