Larissa Maestro CD Review

Singer songwriters are becoming quite popular in this day and age and you can basically walk into any café to catch some local artist lay their heart out on the table, with just a guitar and a microphone. There are so many talented people out there, wanting to express their emotions through the art of music and Larissa Maestro has to be one of the best at providing that expressive edge, as her serene voice, accompanied by her melodic instrumentals make for a wonderful night of reminiscing.

Coming from the lovely state of New York, in a small town of Ithaca, which became popular in the movie “Road Trip,” (useless information! I know!) Larissa Maestro is a talented individual that is getting recognition for her music. At a young age, she took up the cello and piano, which undoubtedly led to her education of choice. Larissa attended Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music, which housed famous musical graduates such as Diana Krall, Aimee Mann and, most notably in our day and age, John Mayer. During her studies, Larissa was featured in the songwriting department’s showcase of Berklee performers, which has gained her much exposure. With that experience in hand, this superstar in the making set out to conquer the musical world. Playing in venues across Boston and New York, Larissa has gained fans with her contagious personality, which exudes on stage, and her catchy hooks. With influences such as Ryan Adams, Sheryl Crow, and John Lennon, Larissa Maestro has created soulful music in the new age of pop rock.

I had the opportunity to watch Larissa perform on more than one occasion, and each time she blows me away. She came to Vancouver a while back in support of the “One Breath One Life” concert series, which brought to light, through music, the human rights violations in the Philippines. In the image of a true professional, she goes on stage and pours her soul out, to both smaller and larger audiences. She had also recorded a few tracks for this special benefit CD, which featured three songs from her debut “Little Thrill Record” album titled “Maybe Later,” which was released in 2007.

Larissa’s debut album starts off with “Time,” a great soft rock track with unforgettable lyrics and a great melody. This is basically about waiting for a loved one, which, combined with the slow tempo instrumentals, creates emotions that can touch just about anyone. “Unsettled,” however, offers the necessary break from the gentle love songs, as it is an up-tempo pop-rock track with crisp vocals. Another song that can touch the heart is “So Young,” which is once again a soft ballad. Larissa’s voice provides the perfect tone to accompany the nostalgic mood, and this is the perfect way to end the album.

For more information on Larissa Maestro, please feel free to visit her website (MAESTRO) as well as her myspace (LARISSA).