Low vs Diamond Contest

Alright boys and girls, check this out! I had the greatest time interviewing Howie from Low vs Diamond while they were up at Pemberton, and of course I always think of my readers. You had no idea how many flaming hoops I had to jump through in order for me to get this, but I did manage to get a signed copy of their self-titled debut CD. Now this is a very simple contest. So simple, it just feels wrong. All you have to do is subscribe via email on the right side-bar. You will automatically be entered into this contest, and every other contest I’ll be having. So what are you waiting for? This signed copy could be worth millions one day! MILLIONS!!!

So if you’re still reading this and have yet to sign up, what are you waiting for? Stop reading this non-sense and sign up already!

The winner will be contacted by email and we will ship the CD to you, free of charge! Did I say free? I meant FREE!!!!