Mia Moth at The Roxy

Photos by Alex Ramon

On a Monday night, I didn’t expect much of a crowd to show up at the barren Roxy Nightclub. So as I sat at a dimly lit table, a question popped into my mind that I couldn’t really understand. Why don’t people support the local music scene as much as they should? There are tons of talented bands out there that don’t get radio airplay, and if we really think about it, how are these bands supposed to get on the radio without the support from us normal folks?

I’ve never met someone who didn’t like music (well ok maybe there was this one girl, but she had those crazy googly eyes…), so it’s always surprising to attend an empty local show. Granted it was a holiday long weekend, and the tail end of turkey day nonetheless, so I guess I didn’t expect too much but Mia Moth actually brought out quite a decent sized crowd. I recall The Roxy at one point being the hub of the rock scene, but like every Vancouver venue, the trend is to have these great places turn into Top 40 dance clubs, but one thing’s for certain, the local music scene will always be here and the bands will always find a way to survive.

Mia MothRegardless, I put my pessimistic thoughts behind me and sat down as the lovely Mia Moth performed her little heart out. I had a chance to briefly talk to her beforehand, and when I asked if she was excited to play at The Roxy, Mia could only utter a huge smile, but I believe her exact words were “Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.”

Mia has an interesting voice to say the least and a personality that was brighter than the lights. She had so much spunk it was hard to resist her seductive glare, and as she pranced from one end to the other, my eyes followed her every move. She has a little Tegan and Sara in her, as well as a touch of some Courtney Love crazy (the good kind of crazy that is). Mia’s rock nature seeped through her pores and made for a high energy performance that made one girl in the audience dance her feet off. I’m not going to lie, I was mesmerized by that girl’s happy-hips, and it was hard to pay attention to anything else when she got up on stage and started dancing with Mia.

Ms. Moth is definitely a star in the making, but she still has a few kinks to work out before she starts making some waves in the local scene. Her music and stage presence are there, and maybe it was the smaller crowd, but she has to interact with the audience a little more than just a thank you after each song. That’s probably the only “complaint” I have, if you can even call it that, but once she breaks out of her shell, she’ll be a musical force for sure.

Overall, Mia was a joy to watch. Her loveable stage act was fun and entertaining and left me wanting more. Now if only more people were on board, Vancouver would be a major music hub, but I digress. For more information on Mia Moth, visit her website and myspace.