Mos Def at the Vogue Theatre

Photos by Alex Ramon

Thursday, August 27th. Vogue Theatre. The Dynamic Duo strikes again. Alex Ramon once again playing Jimmy Olsen to my Clark Kent. Or doing all the hard work while I drank beer & listened to rap. One or the other. I took my seat behind The Wolfman. His long, wispy hair dangled over the chair enticing my lighter.

DJ Sage began the evening playing what is essentially everyone’s iPod ‘Summer’ playlist. A who’s who of 90s rap, from ‘Juicy’ to ‘Passin’ Me By’. The night was off to a solid start.

Enter: Boombox Saints. They came out all old school energy and charisma. When they did the Kid ‘N Play ‘kick-kick-step’ dance, I braced myself for a strong set. …they should’ve kept dancing. (tumbleweed rolls by) …one of them had a rad vest.

Mos Def Next Act: Whosane? The answer is definitely not whoever chose to spell the name that way. Middle of the road set, with a really strong acapella rhyme in the latter portion. The fact that his flow was reminiscent of the headliner is a minus in my book – reminding the crowd of the headliner also reminds them they aren’t here to see you.

Jay Electronica: Meh. Every song he would trick me by starting off well. Then he would cut the beat off and rap acapella for the remainder of the song. Eventually, I cut the set off and went to get more beer. (Heh, I said ‘beat off’.)

Mos Def: Wow. Rapping (well) while playing the drums (well). Doing comedy routines that I’m fairly certain are from Coming to America. A set-list that spanned his entire career, from ‘Black Star’ through his latest ‘The Ecstatic’. He did every song I wanted to hear. With a smile. Don’t let that smile fool you, though. He may not be ‘New’ anymore, but he’s still a ‘Danger’. (If you don’t get that last reference, Google it. Then suck it.)