Mother at the Media Club

What better way to spend the hottest night of summer than in the hottest venue for live shows. Literally. The Media Club didn’t seem like a club at all, but rather a nice steaming sauna packed with people waiting to get a nice cold beer. The heat didn’t stop people from having fun though, but rather it encouraged people to get up and dance and sweat off their alcohol, just so they could go and buy more.

This fateful night just so happened to be “Lotus Child’s” CD release party and tour kick off. Little did I know that a certain band was going to amaze me. This band is known as “Mother.” Formed in 2005, this band soon began to wow audiences wherever they played. At “Listen Up” festival in Vancouver, a CBC executive heard their original songs and decided to bring them into CBC Studio One, where they recorded an eight song demo. This demo eventually got into the hands of producer Howard Redekopp, who has worked with artists such as “The New Pornographers”, “Teagan and Sara”, and “54.40.” They eventually recorded a full length album together and blended in successfully the genres of pop, jazz, folk, country, and rock.

In 2006, this five piece band went on a festival tour that saw them play at venues such as the Commodore Ballroom. Their hard work and dedication to their art form has led to undeniable success and a growing fan base.

Their unique blend of three vocals gives them a layered element to their melodic songs. I couldn’t help but be amazed by their vocal performances, both as individuals and as a group. The crowd was packed and ready to rock out to their distinctive form of music, but if the music didn’t get them off their feet, than their energy on-stage definitely did.

For more information about Mother, regarding tour dates and music sampling, please feel free to go to their website (MOTHER) or visit them on their myspace page (MOTHERBAND).