Mother Mother and Sam Roberts at Deer Lake Park

Photos by Alex Ramon

What a difference a week makes. With the sun shining through the shrubs, and the heat becoming almost unbearable, Mother Mother and Sam Roberts hit the stage at Deer Lake to a huge and receptive crowd. A week has gone by, and the weather has done a complete 180. I sit in my office (also known as my room), to a leaky ceiling dripping brown water into a bucket (also known as my trash can). The memory of Sammy is just that, a memory, but what he has accomplished as a musician will be lasting. I don’t think it would have mattered if the sun was blazing hot, or if the clouds dripped its misery, the fans would still have been there. There’s no doubt in my mind, and the minds of many Canadians (or music fans for that matter), that good ol’ Sam Roberts will be a mainstay in the music scene for a very long time. His songs are catchy, his melodies are beautiful, and if he shaves, he’s one handsome devil.

Mother Mother

Mother MotherLocal group Mother Mother opened up for Mr. Roberts, and what a way to kick off the night. Comprised of Ryan Guldemond, Molly Guldemond, Jasmin Parkin, Jeremy Page, and Ali Siadat, this rambunctious band lit the stage with their danceable tunes. The last time I saw this dynamic band was at The Media Club when they were called Mother. And since then, they’ve added the other Mother, and let me tell you something my good brothers and sisters, they sure have matured as artists.

They’ve created their own brand of indie pop, something that’s really hard to come by in this mainstream world we live in. They have that unusual quirkiness to them, that is undeniably different from the rest of the MTV world, and their transitions from song to song were absolutely flawless. Using different instruments, such as the clarinet and saxophone, they’ve blended their own personalities into each and every track they performed. It’s great to see some Vancouverites succeed doing what they love.

Sam Roberts

Sam RobertsAs soon as Sam Roberts stepped out on stage, the crowd streamed down the hill to get a glimpse of this Canadian icon. Sporting a brand new haircut and a semi-shaved face, Sam Roberts was graced with the loud ovation from fans across this beloved outdoor venue. The sun was setting and the heat wave finally became manageable, and Sammy yelled out “Thank you Burnaby!” To be honest, I don’t think half the audience in attendance were actually from Burnaby, but you have to give him credit for knowing the city he plays in.

Throughout his entire set, he would entice the audience to sing along while he rocked out on stage. The crowd was receptive as always, and played along to his antics and would constantly scream out the lyrics. Sam Robert’s songs truly do represent his audience because his laid back attitude, accompanied by his rock sensibility, shined through the faces of everyone in attendance. He is by far one of the best Canadian exports, and will continue to proudly represent our country all across the world with his wonderful music.