Scatterheart at The Venue December 3

Photos by Dominic Cho

One of the most exciting local bands will be gracing the stage at the pretentious Venue. I’m going to put my distaste for their wallpaper aside, and venture downtown to catch a glimpse of the soon to be mega super rockstars known as Scatterheart. Since my last review on them, way back in the summer of 09 when Richard’s on Richards was still open, Scatterheart has gone on a whirlwind adventure and played at a tiny little music festival called Busan International Rock Festival. Oh no big deal, they just headlined to a crowd of 25000.

And now they are finally back in their hometown and will celebrate this joyous return by playing a show with Peak Performance front-runners The Left, and Sweetheart. Tickets are SOLD OUT so if you don’t have one, I feel sorry for you.

For a taste of Scatterheart, just watch the video player on the right.