Sex With Strangers CD Release at The Biltmore

Photos by Will McClary

It is not a common occurrence to discover a band that you just know will find success in the future, if they haven’t found it already. When this happens it seems like something magical, and when I headed over to The Biltmore for a late show with Sex With Strangers, in celebration of the release of their new album “The Tokyo Steel,” something magical definitely occurred.

The five-piece Vancouver band consists of members Hatch Benedict, Magnus Magnum, Isabelle Dunlop, Wedge Beavers, and Dallas Archangel. Their latest release is the album “The Tokyo Steel,” which showcases an impressive set of tunes that could be describes as “Robot Rock,” new wave, dance, pop…you name it. If one thing is true, Sex With Strangers will never fail to have you up and dancing. Such was the case at the Biltmore, as the crowd was undeniably enthralled and, at one point, joined the band on stage as they danced and rocked the last tunes of their set (a set that was far too short however, and left both the crowd and myself wanting more).

SWSWith a fair amount of buzz surrounding them, Sex With Strangers was listed as one of the “7 undiscovered bands worth a listen” by SPIN magazine, in response to their second recording, titled “The Modern Seduction.” With a discography that includes EP “A Future Tragedy,” in addition to “The Modern Seduction” and “The Tokyo Steel,” songs of note includes the hit “Dance Police,” and new tune “New City Anthem,” which showcases lead singer Hatch Benedict’s impressive vocals and uplifting lyrics, in addition to a beat that is hard to ignore.

This particular evening at the Biltmore, Sex With Strangers provided the audience with what seemed like just a taste of their live show. The group had incredible energy, and put every ounce of themselves into their performance. With three members providing vocals, the group operates in an original way… something that very much translates to their sound. They are undoubtedly a band not to be missed, so be sure to catch them when you get a chance.

The band’s entire discography is now available on iTunes.