Small Business E-commerce Shipping

Written by Robert Miller

If you are operating an e-commerce business, whether big or small, you can never escape the subject of shipping. In this post, we will take a keen look at small business e-commerce shipping. Shipping can be very costly for a business and can even end up leaving a company in tremendous losses, especially if it’s a growing one. For this reason, there are several factors that every small business should have in mind in regards to e-commerce shipping.

  • Profit Margins

The several expenditures that come about with shipping may end up affecting your profit margins in a big way if you fail to factor in the expenses. For this reason, you need to have a precise figure of how much you are likely to spend on shipping your product and incorporate the amount on the product’s price. Some of the extra expenditures that come about with shipping include customs, shipping costs, credit card charges, and packaging costs. The vital point to note here is; don’t get caught up with favorable shipping options and forget everything about your profit margins.

  • Packaging

Another factor that comes to mind in regards to small scale e-commerce shopping is packaging. On the packaging, you should ensure that your products are packaged well for safe shipping to your client’s doorstep. There are several packaging options which include envelopes, boxes, and poly mailers. If you are a small business that’s not involved in purchases that are too bulky, the poly mailer’s option will be ideal for you. This is because this option makes the package less weighty, which in turn also cuts down on the shipment costs. You can always purchase these packaging materials from Uline or the Shopify Plus merchant in all sizes. Basically, if you are a small scale e-commerce trader try to make your shipments as small and lightweight as you can.

  • Speed

Most of the top product sites that have earned their position up the ladder are those that have earned their customer’s trust through excellent on-time delivery services. As a growing business, you should also aim at providing timely deliveries to your clients. Though speedy shipping services come with some bit of an extra cost, you can always offer the quick shipping services by incorporating all these factors on the shipping costs. These could be factored in by providing a guaranteed delivery agreement or determining whether the delivery should be in a commercial or residential area.

  • Destination

First and foremost, the distance between where you are and the destination will determine the cost of the shipment. On this, you should have in mind that international shipping is a bit costly so you should be alert when you set the rates. Secondly, you should always check if the product you are selling is forbidden in some countries.


As a growing entrepreneur in the e-commerce market, it is essential to have in mind that the post-purchase experience is what determines whether you are building your brand name with the clients or not. That’s why the shipping aspect is not a matter to be simplified but one that’s to be taken seriously.

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