Snoop Dogg at Pacific Coliseum

Photos by Alex Ramon

I may have been a little out of place at this concert, but that’s what makes this story so interesting right? Ronatron and gangster rap don’t really go together, but hey I know this guy who has a Wu-Tang tattoo, so I sort of know what I’m talking about. But as I looked throughout the crowd, a lot of these people didn’t look out of place either. Sure there was an older generation there but they seemed to blend in with these new school kids. They all had bloodshot eyes and wandered around aimlessly, befriending random strangers like they were old friends. The distinctive musk in the hallway appealed to Snoop Dogg and as soon as he had a whiff of that burning herb, he stepped out on stage to a thunderous applause.

Everyone on the floor was on their feet, as well as people all the way up in the nose bleeds. It didn’t matter where you stood to watch Snoop, because you didn’t have to see this classy P.I.M.P. to have a good time. People were dancing and rapping along, and to be honest, they were just as rowdy as any rock fan. Music has no borders, and everyone responds to something they like in a similar manner, no matter what genre it is.

Snoop was as smooth as my hairless face, and his rhymes transitioned from one song to the next. He didn’t have an awkward pause, and when a song would end, he would get the crowd to scream whatever it was he wanted (something along the lines of “I WANNA GET F*CKED UP!”). While doing the crib walk on stage, he stopped for a minute and brought out a good friend of his. I guess you can expect the unexpected when it comes to a rap show, especially a Snoop Dogg concert, because Akon made a special appearance. As the Convict himself yelled “I was just in the neighbourhood,” the duo proceeded to perform “I Wanna Love You.” The crowd went nuts, especially the females in the audience.

If this was any indication of what other rap concerts are like, then I think I’ll be going to a few more. For more information on Snoop Dogg, visit his website and myspace.