The Glim Project Rockin’ The Media Club

It is extremely hard to classify a band into one specific genre, but one has to for the sake of the media. Few bands out there can cross this categorical border, but I have taken it upon myself to prove you doubters wrong when classifying bands. “The Glim Project” is a perfect example of how a band can be diverse. They bring in many influences to their music, ranging from classic rock, grunge, heavy metal, and modern day alternative; their musical arrangements and riffs remind me of such bands as “Tool“ and “A Perfect Circle,” along with other artists such as “Nirvana,” and even “Metallica.” This musical variety brings them a devoted fan base and somewhat of a cult gathering as their CD release party for their self-titled EP at the Media Club was SOLD OUT!

I had the great opportunity to listen to the entire album, and a few tracks stuck out for me. The EP started off strong with “Elitist,” a song about stuck up Indie rock bands that should “embrace all your artistic bullshit.” Their heavy, but melodic, riffs will leave you breathless and wanting more. In “Say Goodnight,” the band shows a more emotional aspect, embracing the fact that one must “say farewell to all the years we made.” This album, with drum tracks recorded in Green Room Studios, was really well put together and I had a very enjoyable time listening to the variety that the band brought, and I highly recommend picking up this disc.

“The Glim Project” consists of Marco on Drums, E on Bass guitar, Geoff on lead guitar, and Lucanus on guitar and vocals. I was able to watch these band mates rock out at the sold out Media Club and perform with the energy that many concert goers love. They played their EP from start to finish and with every spare moment entertained the crowd. Throughout the entire night, a sea of head bangers could be seen with a beer in one hand and the devil horns in the other. Luke invited the crowd onto the stage, which has become a regular occurrence for the boys in the Project, as they performed their final song of the night. They left me with a sore neck that felt like a severe form of whiplash. Their live show is entertaining and full of energy and I suggest going to any of their local shows.

For more information on “The Glim Project,” feel free to visit their website (GLIM) as well as their myspace (GLIMPROJECT). Now go out their and experience the project!