The Liptonians at The Media Club May 24

This five-piece from Winterpeg has caught the eyes and ears of people all across Canada. After winning a 2008 Western Canadian Music Award for Outstanding Pop Recording and being showcased in Canadian Music Week, The Liptonians are venturing on their cross Canada tour to promote their loveable, lively music.

Comprised of Bucky Driedger (Lead Vocals, Guitars), Matt Schellenberg (Lead Vocals, Keyboards), Darren Grunau (Bass), Mike Petkau (Guitar, Keys, Vocals), and Terrell Froese (Drums), The Liptonians are set to hit the stage at The Media Club on May 24th all the while bringing with them a nice jar of home made peanut butter. If you’re allergic to that delicious nutty concoction, then come for the piano driven melodic tunes.