The Liptonians at The Media Club

Photos by Alex Ramon

Sunday nights are about relaxing, maybe reading a book, or enjoying some good ol’ Television (actually I don’t watch TV anymore, especially when you can find everything on the internet). I usually spend my Sundays at Superstore, grabbing some necessary condiments to last me the entire week, and then heading back to my parents for some free dinner (emphasis on the free). It’s good to catch up with the folks every once in a while, but when The Liptonians asked me to come out to their show at The Media Club, I threw away my usual routine and jumped on the horse (also known as my car) and journeyed to the small, intimate downtown venue. As much as I missed my free meal, and as much as I really needed to buy groceries, I threw my judgement out the window to go and listen to The Liptonians rock out on stage.

The LiptoniansComprised of Bucky Driedger (Guitar/Vocals), Matthew Schellenberg (Keyboards/Vocals), Michael Petkau (Guitar/Keyboards), Darren Grunau (Bass), and Terrell Froese (Drums), The Liptonians are a five-piece melodic, powerhouse, pop-rock band from Winterpeg, Manitoba. I guess cold winters do have their advantage, because the tunes these talented musicians came up with are insanely catchy. I can’t get them out of my head, and it’s really starting to bug me (in a good way of course).

To be honest, the stage was much too small for the boys in The Liptonians. I’m not talking metaphorically, because the stage was actually too small for these guys. With the drum set and the keyboard placed in their respective spots, it seemed like it was incredibly hard for them to move around, but being the pros that they are, they managed to put on a lively performance nonetheless.

The entire band, with all their energy and creativity, made me believe that the indie music scene is alive and vibrant. Matt and Bucky had incredible chemistry up on that stage, exchanging vocal duties throughout the night, and when they did come together, they formed some amazing harmonies that were delightful to hear. Despite the horrible sound system, the vocals were crisp and clear and somewhat reminiscent of a little known band called Dashboard Confessional.

They had a very epic feel to their songs, yet light hearted enough to laugh and sing-along to their catchy tunes. They captivated the audience with their melodic rock, all the while bringing it down at certain points to play with our emotions, and then out of nowhere they slammed us again with their heavy hitting outros. At one point, Matt was focused intensely on the music that he broke the wooden stool (I guess you could say he dropped the “stool”). My favourite track was “Charlie’s Back!” because it incorporated a very nice horn section, a melodic keyboard, and my favourite instrument, the tambourine (how can you ever go wrong with a tambourine?).

Considering it was a Sunday night, the crowd was a little smaller than the norm, but that didn’t deter The Liptonians at all. Everyone was attentive and listened closely to the incredible dynamic of the band. And as a consolation, the vibrant crowd got a taste of what the band was all about. Peanut butter. Yes that’s right, the band brought some home made peanut butter along on their tour, and handed it out to all those mailing list subscribers.

If you like peanut butter, and I know you do, then you should check out The Liptonians on their myspace and website. And if you are somehow allergic, then all I have to say is man (or woman) up, and take some allergy pill to conquer that swollen throat and go to one of their shows. You’ll have the Ronatron guarantee for a good night.