The Paint Movement and Danny Echo at The Media Club

Photos by Christine McAvoy

What’s better than a live show on a Sunday night? A live show on a Sunday night with crazy props! Yes that’s right folks, there’s nothing better than being entertained with gimmicks, and when the band is as lively as a degu in a cage (a degu is a rodent that is half rat half hamster… look it up… or come over to my apartment and see for yourself), you know you’re in for a treat. People usually don’t go out on Sunday nights, mainly because most people have work the next morning, but being the work-a-holic that I am, I decided to make that long journey to The Media Club for a night of debauchery with my newest photographer Christine McAvoy (she’s amazingly talented so look her up if you’re in need of a wedding photographer). Sure the crowd wasn’t as rowdy as a Saturday night, but that just means there weren’t as many people doing foolish things like say, break a beer bottle on the clean floor, or maybe even urinate in the back alley. So if you narrow it down, everyone who came out that night was there for the music.

The Paint Movement

The Paint MovementAll the way from Mississauga, ON, The Paint Movement is comprised Kevin Kralik (guitar/vocals), Jason Haberman (bass/vocals), Glenn Candy (drums), and Jason Loftman (saxaphone/keys). They played a very energetic set, the last of their tour across Canada, and they still managed to put on a lively performance.

Each member played like it was the first gig on tour, and didn’t let the intensity drop for one bit. Jason was by far the sweatiest of the bunch, and probably the only one to wipe his face with a towel during a song. He wowed the audience with his intricate sax solos and left the crowd clapping and cheering in between songs. Mr. Candy was so intense on the drums that he broke multiple drum sticks, but unlike the amateur known as me, he kept everything in beat while reaching around for another stick. Now if that isn’t something to clap for I don’t know what is! Kevin and Jason brought the lyrics to life with their beautiful and serene harmonies, all the while rocking out with a hand shaker and a tambourine pedal.

If you ever get a chance to see this band live, you’ll be amazed by their stage presence and ability to sweat all over the audience with their radiant music (as well as the normal human perspiration).

Danny Echo

Danny EchoThis was probably the biggest surprise of the night for me. I’ve heard rumours that Danny Echo puts on a great live show, but I don’t think I was ready for what they had in store. A lot of bands have gimmicks that try to draw you in, but this five-piece brought something completely unexpected to The Media Club, something I’ll talk about shortly. The band is comprised of Danny, Mark, Ian, Spencer, and Hayato, and with so much raw talent in one band, they put a very memorable set.

With a modern day light show being projected in the background, the boys in Danny Echo played a lively performance to a less than big crowd. It was a shame people left before they even got on, because they sure missed out on something incredible. All their songs were upbeat, melodic, and most importantly, radio friendly (no wonder they’re a top 20 band on The Peak Performance Project!).

Like I said before, they had some gimmicks to draw the crowd in, which included the light show organized by Ian. But that was just the tip of the iceberg, because they brought out their very own bubble machine during their song “Tomorrow Today.” The tiny Media Club room filled from front to back with those soapy balls as the band rocked out on stage. Danny impressed me the most with his energetic style and truly cemented himself as a leading frontman.

It was a short but sweet set, and for their last song, which I believe was called “Help Yourself” (correct me if I’m wrong), they pulled out all the stops. There was no holding back, as they coerced the members of The Paint Movement to clap and dance along to their finale. They also saved the best trick for last, as Danny had big enough balls (don’t mind my language) to pull out a gigantic fire extinguisher, and being the total badass frontman, he fired it (pun intended) onto the unsuspecting ceiling.

The night ended with foam spewed on the floor and happy faces all around. For more information on The Paint Movement as well as Danny Echo, visit their websites and myspaces.