The Parallels at The Columbia

Music Waste, the antithesis to the hyped New Music West, brings an underground feel to the west coast, as indie bands get to show off their talent and skill to the public. It started out in 1994 as a one night only music festival but it has grown exponentially and is now one of the most influential and important events in Vancouver. Showcasing talent in venues such as The Pic, The Columbia, Pat’s Pub, Pub 340, and Marine Club, Music Waste has surely had a significant impact on Vancouver’s music industry.

I got a chance to go see some of the bands showcased in the festival and the one that stuck out for me were The Parallels. They played at the Columbia on the last night of the festival and blew the roof off with their indie garage dance music. A friend of mine even classified them as the surfer rock of the past and I totally agree. They have an upbeat music that will leave people wanting more.

Formerly called The Hoodwinks, band members include Mike, Jarrod, Mick and Tyler. With their new independent EP out called “1961 McLean,” they are bringing in a new wave of danceable Rock & Roll.

Be sure to check out their music and show dates on their website (upstarthi-fi), as well as their myspace account (Parallels). For more information regarding Music Waste, be sure to check out their website as well (MusicWaste).