Travis at The Commodore April 4

Photo ripped from myspace.

If you don’t have tickets to this sold-out show, then I feel sorry for you (I’m not recommending you find scalped tickets, but realistically I am). Travis, coming straight out of Glasgow, will be unleashing their alternative pop rock, kicking off their April stint in North America right here in sunny Vancouver.

This band is quite accomplished, and if you disagree then I’m going to have to spew some facts your way. Travis have released six studio albums (the most recent is Ode to J. Smith in 2008), won several times for British Album of the Year at the BRIT Awards, and have been credited for opening the door to the likes of Snow Patrol, Keane, and even Coldplay.

So if you get a chance, come on down to the Commodore for a good rock concert on a lovely Saturday night.