WATCH: Virgin Festival 2009 BC

Photos by Alex Ramon

So this is our second installment of Virgin Fest, and what a weekend it was. From the sun shining down on us on Day 1 to the thunder and lightning that closed out the night, and then back to the scorcher of Day 2, this weekend was something to remember. It was a shame The Roots had to cancel their set due to the lightning storm, but that didn’t seem to deter the audience. With over 15,000 people packed into the majestic Deer Lake Park, and dozens of great musical acts up on two different stages, this weekend was incredibly fun. We brought our camera along for the ride, and let me tell you, we’ve documented some crazy stuff. We had a lot of footage, and it was sad to see a few gems go but I think the final product will speak for itself. Take a look at the sidebar video below the photo gallery to get a taste of what went down.

We spoke with a few random drunkards to get an idea of what their experience was like, and we even had enough time to do a little pole dancing. You see, Virgin Fest isn’t just another music festival. It’s much more than that.

Ben Harper They try to give you an experience worth remembering, and along for the ride were some pretty big name acts (Metric, Sonic Youth, Ben Harper, and Jarvis Cocker to name a few). But what impressed me the most was how they incorporated the up and comers into the festival. We can all remember that Virgin started off as a record company, so they understand that new music is happening around us all the time. What they’ve done with the festival is bring in some local favourites and share the stage alongside their idols. Last year in Toronto, we saw the Arkells and The Midway State play, and this year in Halifax we saw Dog Day and In-Flight Safety. Well here in Vancouver, the Virgins brought out Ronatron favourites The British Columbians and The Manvils.

It was an event worth remembering, and I am very honoured to have witnessed it. Special thanks goes out to Jon Healy for manning the video camera, Alex Ramon for taking those stunning pictures and editing the entire film, and of course Amanda, Erica, and all the Virgin team for being so kind and gentle to us indie media folks.